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MILO Discography

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Milo Discography:

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Venus De Milo - Critical Mass


Intrinsic Nature (I.N.) - Gothic Sun

I.N. members Milo & Englishman Gary Farrimond performing the challenging piece, "Russian Spy" as well as "The Crystal" & the epic tune, "Planet X".  The live debut footage was recorded on 02 OCT 2009 at the Neon Venus Art Theatre in Las Vegas (USA).

  Russian Spy

The Crystal  

Planet X


Vintage De Milo


LeJump - Changing Directions

Art Rock Circus - Tell A Vision

Image Cd            Live From Las Vegas

See Milo performing with!

NOW ON SALE !!!! 2 DVD set BACK TO THE PAST 2 DVD set, "Back to the Past"!!! Relive all those great, exciting moments when you went to see play Live! Remember all the Fun & the Dancing? This special 2 set DVD compilation has captured the band performing Live, with over 2 hours of all your favorite hits! It also includes a Picture Gallery Slideshow of the band performing & candid shots as well! The footage spans a 5 year period & features interviews & rare performances never seen before! The first 25 DVD's sold will be Autographed by Milo! GET YOURS NOW

! Watch Preview CLICK HERE! Image REVIEWS:

  • A couple of days ago I received the new 2 DVD set, "BACK TO THE PAST".

          I have a couple of words to describe this DVD set; WOW and FANTASTIC.  There are other words I could use to say how awesome this DVD is, but then this would turn into a novel.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the “old” footage and what a collection of photo’s.  This is one DVD that people should have in their collection.  The whole package is so well put together and provides hours of fond memories and great performances.   I would surely recommend that if you enjoy the classics, then buy this DVD.  You won’t regret it! Robert Perry 

 Buy it Now CLICK HERE!

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